David Spring ( 12.06.1980 ), trained as a social education worker ( Technical College ), youth coach
( Swiss Boxing Association ), masseur ( SANAVIT ), walking trainer ( VDNOWAS ), studied basics in pedagogy of movement ( IFB ) and music and has been engaged as a licensed olympic boxer, boxing and personal trainer.

Over the past years, he has gained experience in the professional accompaniment of young people and adults with special needs and / or a disability. His preferential professional fields are empowerment systems and integrative educational science.

" In movement, we work with what is currently within us, our body and soul, and discover new possibilities for development. In these times of transformation, we have room to form ourselves and thus to become more conscious of our senses and ethical values."

Out of this came some practical rules which we like to follow during the sessions :

  • We try to leave the private world and daily news outside
  • We don`t talk unnecsessarily about sickness and errors
  • The mobile rests calm and we are staying offline for one hour

The more we are tuned in - the more benefit we will get out of a session...



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