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What do participants need to bring to the training sessions?

Light sports clothing, trainers and a small hand towel. Equipment is available for beginners. Later on the participants buy their own boxing-equipment.

Can you describe a training session?

Warm-up 10%

Shadow boxing 5%

Rounds on the heavy bags & co 60%

Stabilisation and strengthening exercises 15%

Stretching 5%.

Loosen-up 5%

Are there lessons for beginners?

All the time. Since the training sessions are modular, beginners can start anytime.

Does the boxing entail physical contact / an exchange of blows?

There is no physical contact / exchange of blows. We train using the heavy bag and on our own bodyweight and mind.


I have no idea of how to box. Can I still participate?

No problem. It’s easy to begin and progress comes quickly.

We haven’t done any exercise for a long time. Can we still participate?

Yes, of course. You can determine the intensity of the training sessions yourself.

I’d like to have an individual training programme. Can you offer this?

Yes. Make an appointment to discuss your requirements. Then we can put together a personal training programme. This can also be done for two people or a small group ( technique, cardio and weight training ).

Can I take a shower somewhere after the training session?

Yes, you can. For a service charge of CHF 2.-, you can use the showers in the adjacent building.

Can I come by with my school class on the spur of the moment?

Yes, but you need an appointment ( please ask at least one day in advance ).

Can we bring our daughter / son with us?

Of course. If your children want to carry on alone afterwards, the minimum age is 14. For our smaller visitors, there is a play area available.

Can we combine a business lunch with your offering?

Of course. Give us a proposed date and time. The rest will be organised according to your specific requirements.

In our therapeutical living community, there is a need for some to “burn off extra energy on the heavy bag”. Would that be possible with you?

Sure, fix a weekly date and time and take advantage of our FITNESS BOXING or BOXING ACCOMPANIED BY A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL WORKER with a focus on a specific issue.

Our team of social education workers would like to integrate your offering in a supervision project. How does that work?

It`s possible to organise a special session with your supervision counselor and the team at any time.

We are a department with 14 people and are interested in your offer. What do you suggest?

Notify me, pack your sports clothing and try it out. Groups of up to 18 persons can take part.

My daughter / son is slightly disabled and is looking for a training opportunity. Is this possible with you?

Yes. After a trial session, it is possible to take part in the inclusive Friday sessions between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. These session are sometimes accompanied by a qualified professional social worker and always under social supervision.

I`m very interested in your offer, but I can`t afford it at the moment. Is there nevertheless any possibility to join your programme?

Thank you for your interest. It is possible to agree on a reduced entry price. ( Education or vocational training / single-parent / small budgets ) Bartering is also an option. There`s so much more than money. ( New directions... ) 
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