Personal training

Personaltraining Basel: Boxen Einzelstunde Fitness

In these exclusive training sessions, you benefit from one-on-one supervision. 
This means you can train very intensively and in a completed focussed manner. 
Your trainer brings his personal experience from the areas of gymnastics, sports education and competitive tournaments into the sessions, thus ensuring an optimal build-up. 

Here, in contrast to traditional forms of personal training, units of FITNESS BOXING are offered. A unit can be designed according to your personal goals, in order to achieve a maximum effect.
Attentive support, motivation and enjoyment are an integral part of the concept.

The sessions are open to anyone interested in a such a training programme:

  • People who are enthusiastic about fitness boxing and who want to develop their skills more rapidly, including a special technical, cardio and (body)weight training programme.
  • People who have very busy professional lives and thus want to make the most out of their training sessions.
  • People who do not want to train in traditional fitness centres and who would like to try out different training methods.

Optimise your training with tailor-made training programmes...


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